Sense and Sensibility 1995 – The Emma Thompson One

I’ve been re-watching the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. I do like this adaptation. My only issue is Emma Thompson as Elinor. I think she is a brilliant actress (and her screen play is fabulous), but she is just a bit too old for Elinor.

While I was watching it I tried to keep track of differences between the novel and the movie.

First, Lady Middleton and her children are absent! As is Anne Steele (Lucy’s older sister).

Lucy travels to London (and stays with them) with Mrs Jennings and the Dashwoods.

Probably the biggest difference is the lack of a final meeting between Elinor and Willoughby. You know the one, he comes from London in a day to hear about Marianne and tries to explain himself to Elinor and she forgives him.

This is still a fabulous adaptation – it’s movie length you can’t fit everything in – the costumes and settings are beautiful and the acting superb. And did this one renew interest in Jane Austen films? There was quite a few adaptations around the same time.

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