I like to read Jane Austen novels, prequels, sequels, literary criticism etc. I plan to write reviews on all the Jane Austen related media I come across.

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  1. Thank you for the link to my blog Austenprose. I look forward to reading your reviews and am glad that you are back to blogging.

    Cheers, Laurel Ann

  2. Greetings!

    I recently published an Austen adaptation entitled, “A Modern Day Persuasion”, which takes Jane’s classic “Persuasion” into the 21st century.

    I would love to get my book mentioned/reviewed by you on your website. How would I go about doing that? Below is a synopsis of my novel:

    “Nearly eight years ago, Anne’s family, specifically her father, convinced her that she was too young to wed and insinuated that her fiancé Rick was solely interested in her wealth and status. Against her better judgment, Anne agreed to postpone the marriage, only to watch the love of her life walk away, never to be heard from again. Since then, time has not been kind, and with the family fortune now gone and Anne unable to move on with her life romantically, she struggles to make a name for herself as a greeting card designer. However, a series of serendipitous events causes Rick to re-enter her life, and at the same time a new beau seeks to claim her affections. The question that needs answering, however, remains the same: Can Anne recover from her previous rejection and love again?”

    Please let me know if you’re interested. You can also visit my website:http://kaitlin-saunders.com/ for more information or weekly blog posts.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Kaitlin Saunders

  3. Anne Derry


    I’m the author of a new Pride and Prejudice Movie Cookbook, and thought considering our similar interests, you might like a copy. It features recipes based and themed around four of the best Pride and Prejudice film adaptations (the 1995 BBC Version, the 2005 version, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Bride and Prejudice). It’s a really fun cookbook, and as a fan myself, it was a dream to write. It’s currently on sale through Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s The Nook, but I would love to give you a copy for free. Thanks and I hope you’ll let me know what you think.


    Anne Derry

  4. admin

    I’d love to read your book. However, you might not know that I am in Australia?

  5. Hello,
    I wonder if I may be so bold as to recommend for your review the new Austen-inspired book, Follies Past: a Prequel to Pride and Prejudice by Melanie Kerr. It has been getting exceptional reviews on Amazon (amazon.com/dp/B00GD76KJY) and you can read the first chapter, the blurb and a bit about the author on the website: FolliesPast.com. There are also three enticing, film-style trailers that can be seen at that same website or on Youtube.
    Essentially, the book is based on the story of Darcy, Wickham and Georgiana, as described in Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. It is intertwined with an original and sweet love story of the author’s own invention and is written in the style and the language of Jane Austen’s own works.
    Reading it really feels like discovering a long-lost Austen manuscript.
    Please feel free to email me at folliespast@gmail.com if you would like any more information, or to let me know if you decide you might like to review it so that I can send you a copy, in your choice of eBook or paperback or both.
    Mark Castillo
    Petticoat Press

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