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Lost in Austen – Episode 3 and 4 & Northanger Abbey

I saw the last two episodes of Lost in Austen.

I thought it was fabulous and I’m sure Jane Austen would have approved – this is the author who wrote Northanger Abbey I’m sure she would appreciate a tongue in cheek look at her novels (or more particularly the adaptations).

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 I’m still reading Northanger Abbey (up to chapter 5 now). Here are the bits I’ve loved so far …

On Mrs Allen meeting Mrs Thorpe (Chapter 4)

Their joy on this meeting was very great, as well it might since they had been contented to know nothing of each other for the last fifteen years.

On Catherine and Isabella’s relationship (Chapter 5)

Perhaps Catherine was wrong in not demanding the cause of that gentle emotion – but she was not experienced enough in the finesse of love, or the duties of friendship, to know when delicate raillery was properly called for, or when a confidence should be forced.

And of course the famous ‘defense of the novel’ quote (you can find here – scroll to the end of the chapter).

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