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Mansfield Park


I have started re-reading Mansfield Park and even though it is my least favourite Austen I am loving it.

Quotes like this …

But there are certainly are not so many men of large fortune in the world as pretty women to deserve them


The division of gratifying sensations ought not, in strict justice, to have been equal; for Sir Thomas was fully resolved to be the real and consistent patron of the selected child, and Mrs Norris had not the least intention of being at any expense whatever in her maintenance. As far as walking, talking and contriving reached, she was thoroughly benevolent, and nobody knew better how to dictate liberality to others; but her love of money was equal to her love of directing, and she knew quite as well how to save her own as to spend that of her friends.


Though perhaps she might so little know herself as to walk home from the Parsonage, after this conversation, in the happy belief of being the most liberal-minded sister and aunt in the world.


He was just entering into life, full of spirits, and with all the liberal dispositions of an eldest son, who feels born only for expense and enjoyment.

So fabulous and I am only in the early pages.

By the way, I have a great  ebook version from here.

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