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Jane Austen Knits

I am a bit of a knitter (Not particularly skilled one). Anyway the combination of knitting and Jane Austen was irresistible – Jane Austen Knits.

Here is the Table of Contents …

(Click on the image for a larger version).

As you can see, you can make Pemberley Slippers and Lydia Bennet Secret Stockings! I quite like the idea of Frivolous Socks.

The magazine is beautifully styled and there are a heap of patterns. I haven’t made anything from it yet and to be honest (apart from the socks) I’m not sure I will. However, I think it is a lovely addition to my (largish) collection of knitting magazines and books. Definitely worth buying if you are a knitter and a Jane Austen fan (I think there is even plans for a second magazine).

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