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Emma the DVD (the new BBC adaptation)

I saw the first episode of this adaptation and thought ‘oh dear!’ and wasn’t sure if I would continue. However, the second episode was better and by the end I was hooked.

The screen play was written by Sandy Welch, who also adapted North and South. As I loved North and South and Emmais my favourite Austen novel, I had high hopes for this adaptation. First, it is beautiful – the locations and costumes are magnificent. It has a very modern feel to it despite the period costumes and I think this is what I didn’t like at first. Also, Romola Garai (who I think is a fabulous actor) doesn’t seem to play Emma with enough dignity – she seems a bit too school girl giggly. I thought Jonny Lee Miller as Mr Knightley was fabulous (possibly the best out of the later Adaptations, i.e Emma 2 (Jeremy Northam) and Emma 3 (Mark Strong)). In fact I thought all of the other actors were excellent.

The dancing at the ball wa a bit too like barn dancing for my liking …

Some more screen shots …


Mrs Elton and Mr Weston picking strawberries.

Emma and Mr Knightley.

Emma and Frank Churchill at Box Hill.

Emma and Mr Knightley …

 If you start watching it and you don’t like it, I recommend persevering because by the end I really liked it and I think it’s now my favourite Emma.

Also, if you live in Australia you can buy it from the BBC store because it is region 2 and 4.

Here is the link to the Internet Movie Database.


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