Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

It is the two hundredth anniversary of the publishing of Mansfield Park this year (in May). It is not my favourite Austen, but as I have grown older, I do appreciate it more. I can now see that Fanny (although a bit dull) is stoic and courageous.

I do intent to do some Mansfield Park activities this year – like re-read the novel. I also have three adaptations to watch; Mansfield Park (BBC 1983), Mansfield Park (1999) and Mansfield Park (2007)  – Mansfield Park is obviously very tricky to adapt because none of these is brilliant. The first, the BBC one, is closet to the novel, but it is very dated and the last two are more free adaptations.

I also have some critical studies I shall try to read.

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