Miss Austen Regrets

I resisted buying this DVD  for quite a while. To me it seemed to be a romanticized view of her life. However, I wanted something to watch and nothing else appealed at JB Hifi.

It is a beautiful film – the locations are stunning and the costumes lovely.  The acting is fabulous – how versatile is Hugh Bonneville?

This film is based on the last years of Austen’s life.  To her niece Fanny she is an expert on matters of the heart and she seeks her advice about her admirers. The Jane of this adaptation is witty, flirtatious and a little bit malicious (quite like her letters). The relationship between Cassandra and Jane is warmly affectionate and between her and her mother awful (was Mrs Austen really that vile?).

Although I don’t think this adaptation is accurate, I did enjoy it and I know I will watch it again.

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