Lost in Austen – Episode 4

Episode 4 – the final episode.

In this episode Mr Darcy announces his engagement to Caroline Bingley (because she is ‘a maid’), Mrs Bennet receives a letter from Lydia informing her that she has gone off with Mr Bingley. Mrs Bennet believes they are to be married (Amanda and Jane let her think this until she reaches home) and returns to Longbourn. The Bennets and Amanda then travel to Hammersmith to find Bingley and Lydia (Wickham is already there and he helps them find Lydia). Darcy also arrives and tries to convince everyone that Lydia and Bingley have not spend the night together. Mr Bennet challenges Bingley to a dual (even though nothing has happened) in the process he cracks his head and starts copiously bleeding. Amanda bursts out of the room and finds herself in modern London (her need for Elizabeth is so great she created a portal). Her boyfriend drives her to Elizabeth (who is working as a nanny) on the way Amanda notices that Darcy has also come through the door (because he loves her). Together they catch a bus to Elizabeth. Amanda convinces Elizabeth to return to Longbourn. They all return to Amanda’s flat and through the ‘shower door’ back to Longbourn. Meanwhile, Wickham has found a nurse to stitch Mr Bennet’s head and they have also returned to Longbourn. Mr Bennet and Elizabeth are re-united. Lady Catherine arrives at Longbourn and agrees to have Jane’s marriage to Mr Collins annulled (it hasn’t been consummated) if Amanda agrees to disappear and never return. Elizabeth agrees to try to like Mr Darcy and Amanda plans to return home. At the door that leads back to he bathroom she finds a note from Darcy telling her that he remembers his experience in modern day London (i.e. that it’s not a dream) and she races of to Pemberley to be with him and Elizabeth returns to modern London.

There are some great bits in this episode …

Amanda Price: Hear that sound, George? Duh-uh-uh-uh! That’s Jane Austen spinning in her grave like a cat in a tumble-dryer.


Mr Bingley: Miss Lydia and I came yesterday and have spent our hours philosophizing. Although her father would have it, we’ve been making the beast with two backs.
Mr. Bennet:  Time to take the weapons from the wall, Mr. Bingley! Pick up your damn spear and take guard!


Amanda Price: Wickham. You are a bastard, but you are the right bastard at the right time.
Mr. Wickham:  One does one’s best.


Michael: What do you mean Darcy? Darcy’s some ponce in a book! Some todger-twitching nancy boy!
Mr. Darcy: What is this curious peron? Is it some sort of village idiot… or a clown?


Amanda: The rest of us are gonna say goodbye nicely and watch you step through all that plumbing into fictional Georgian England and that’ll be it. And then we’ll all spend the rest of our lives in therapy. It’s going to be fine.

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