Lost in Austen

I think this (very loose) adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is fabulous; witty, clever, lovely to look at and well cast.

In Episode 1 Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper), a keen Janeite, finds Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom (in Hammersmith).

She passes through the secret door in the bathroom and finds herself trapped in Longbourn. She then tries to ensure that the novel progresses as it should.

Mr Bingley (Tom Mison) visits Longbourn and admires Amanda more than Jane (Morven Christie). At the Meryton Assembly Amanda claims to be engaged by Mr Darcy (Elliot Cowan) when asked to dance by Mr Bingley. They share an extremely awkward dance. Amanda drinks too much and kisses Mr Bingley.

Mr Darcy is suitably tall, handsome and proud. Miss Bingley is nasty, Mr Bennet delightful and Mrs Bennet is scheming to get her daughters well-married (or at least married).

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